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Organic Sourdough Bread You’ll Love

How a passion turned into a craft


 Our adventure with baking bread began in 2013 when my husband and I decided we wanted to make better quality choices to our diet. We did not want to give up or eliminate food we really liked so we started looking for better alternatives that still needed to be delicious. And the time came that we took a closer look at the bread we used to eat. We like bread. A lot. We still wanted to eat it, but just not the one we had in our breadbin anymore. We tried many different loaves of bread. Some were good, some were bad, some were ok. We wanted delicious.


  Some time into our search for healthy, yet delicious bread, I was offered a home-made sourdough bread from my good friends.


   It was scrumptious! I decided to make sourdough and bake my own bread. I felt confident. I loved cooking for my family and I had been baking various cakes for them regularly.  Despite all that, the beginnings were very difficult.


   Baking sourdough bread may not seem to be complicated, yet there are a few rules to remember and two ingredients that you need in large quantities but are unavailable to buy -  patience and love for baking.


   At first, I would make bread for my family and my relatives. With time the appetite for my bread grew . I would then make bread for my closer and further friends.


  As the interest grew it turned into a small but advancing customer base.


I am happy that my passion is becoming a craft.

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