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Organic Multigrain Sourdough Bread


   My adventure with baking began with this bread.  This recipe has matured over time.  I have  changed it many times to get the best result.  This bread is unique because it can be appreciated by everyone – adults and children.  While the children love it for its delicate and natural taste, the adults, additionally, appreciate its health benefits.  


     The addition of linseed, sunflower seeds and oatmeal makes it rich in valuable minerals and vitamins.  Rye sourdough keeps the bread fresh for several days without losing any of its unique taste. Ideal for sandwiches, as it will taste delectable with both, salty and sweet additions or it can be as luscious with butter on its own. Simply, universal bread.


Bread without yeast, sugar, preservatives, improvers and conditioners.

Bread ingredients:

- Organic Strong White Flour

- Organic Strong Wholemeal Flour

- Organic Rye Sourdough Starter

- Organic Linseeds

- Organic Sunflower Seeds

- Organic Oats

- Himalayan Salt

- Water

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