Spelt Sourdough Bread

   Spelt flour has many health-promoting properties and therefore, in my humble opinion, does not need accompaniments or enhancers. And this is how we created this bread – rye sourdough, Himalayan salt and spelt flour. So simple and yet so rich. It boasts with flavor and health benefits. We have no doubt it will find its group of fans.

Spelt is one of the oldest species of unprocessed wheat. This ancient whole grain was an important component of the diet of gladiators and players of the Games, as it gave them strength and perseverance.

In the Middle Ages, it was praised by the nun and healer Hildegarde from Bingen. She believed that spelt was indispensable to our diet. Even to date, her diets and recipes are creditable.

It is a pity that popularity of bread wheat has outgrown spelt and made this impressive grain superseded. Spelt was known and valued for its taste and health benefits in the past and I am happy to see it making a come back to our diets and gaining appreciation.

Spelt is one of the least demanding cereal crops. Unlike ordinary wheat, spelt did not need to undergo any improvements in order to increase yields or weather resistance. Its shell can protect the grain from pollution and even radioactive radiation. When harvested, spelt is collected with the shell and it is only during the grinding, that the shell is separated from the grain.

Bread without yeast, sugar, preservatives, improvers and conditioners.


Bread ingredients:

- Organic Wholemeal Spelt Flour

- Organic White Spelt Flour

- Organic Rye Sourdough Starter

- Organic Oats

- Pink Himalayan Salt

- Water